Maintenance Guide

Greenhouse grow kit

Congratulations on your purchase of your all in 1 mushroom grow kit from Champimignons
Our kit can be placed just about anywhere , in a closet, on the kitchen counter or in the basement. You must respect 2 very important rules. Don't feed after midnight and don't get wet (just joking). Okay now seriously keep it out of direct sunlight and and humidify several times a day.


Your grow kit includes the following:
Shipping box which you need to keep intact.
A bag of inoculated substrate which has an 'X' indicated where to open.
A plastic sheet.
Step 1
The box is going to be used as a temporary greenhouse which contains the bag of substrate and mycelium that you chose. The 4 sides of the top flap will become the walls of the greenhouse by taping the 4 corners together.

Step 2
You need to cut the 'X' on the bag with a clean knife. Ideally cutting about 1/4 inch of the substrate at the same time.
Step 3
Cover the box with the plastic sheet included in the kit and tape 3 sides to the box.

Step 4
Mist the inside of the greenhouse walls 2-3 times until the carton is wet. The wet carton will act as a humidifier to keep your kit properly humidified during the whole growth period. Repeat the misting at least 4 times a day. Always use FRESH water.
Step 5
When the mushroom pins are around 1 inch high, pull back the plastic cover 2/3 to let more oxygen in and more CO2 out.

Step 6
When the mushrooms are ready to harvest (just before the veil becomes 180 degrees) grab the underneath of the fruit and pull it from the substrate. You need to remove all of the fruit and wait for the next flush.
Step 7
Cover completely the kit with the plastic sheet and keep misting the greenhouse box. Be patient as the process starts over and over. Depending on strains and conditions your kit could last 3-4 flushes.
Step 8
Once your kit is done giving mushrooms you can compost the substrate by burying it in the garden or directly into your compost bin.
If you have any questions concerning your greenhouse kit, feel free to reach out to us on facebook messenger under 'Les champimignons'